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Post Flood: Quickly Know Your Options

Life doesn’t allow much time for post-Harvey stress. Work, school, and the activities of fall continue just like before.The impulse to get back to normal can result in hasty decisions. We are here to tell you, take it slow! Look at every option, consider your overall investment, and think longterm.


An obvious option is to restore your home to its original condition prior to flooding. If you feel the odds of another flood affecting your home are low, and you are committed to your neighborhood, this may be a good choice.

Be aware of FEMA’s 50% or “Substantial Damage” rule  . It states if the cost of repairs are more than half the home’s value (structure value only, not including land) then the home must be elevated above the floodplain and brought into compliance. Also note, some Houston area municipalities have additional regulations that can complicate simple repairs.

For more tips on the repair process, review our article Selecting + Working with a General Contractor.


For some homeowners, the decision to build new from the ground up means peace of mind. It eases the stress of future floods and removes all doubt about mold or structural problems arising later. Remember, no one can guarantee a home is mold free!

For others, deciding to rebuild is a calculated decision. Did you buy your home for convenience, the school system, or local amenities? Those benefits are not changing! Could you afford to buy another home in the neighborhood or somewhere with the same quality of life? If no, rebuilding may be an excellent long-term investment.

Additionally, there are resources to incentivize the choice to rebuild. FEMA ICC coverage offers up to $30,000 to assist flood insurance policyholders who are rebuilding.


Walking away can be a positive change. Schools, location, amenities, may no longer be your driving factors. Review what you enjoy about your home and adjust. Many people use the opportunity to downsize.

Not to be marginalized is the stress factor. Deciding to sell is often the fastest and easiest way to move on.

There is no right or wrong in these options. There is only informed and uninformed. If you are considering rebuilding or selling your home, the Southern Green team can discuss those options with you. Reach out to us via email or (713)917-6836. Architects or a trusted realtor are also outstanding resources.

In addition, architects or trusted realtors are other outstanding resources.

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