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12 02, 2022

Top 4 Luxury Home Builders in Houston Heights, TX

By Sam Seidel | February 12th, 2022

The Greater Houston area is filled with distinct cultures and appeal, as well as public amenities and exclusive attractions. The Houston […]

04 02, 2022

5 Timeless Custom Home Design Trends in Houston

By Sam Seidel | Design,Original Article | February 4th, 2022

Many home design trends come and go, which can make designing a new home challenging. Will you find yourself looking to remodel in only a few […]

03 02, 2022

How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost in Texas in 2022?

By Sam Seidel | Original Article | February 3rd, 2022

When you think of Texas, the images that likely come to mind include wide-open spaces and rolling hills, which contribute to its reputation as […]

27 01, 2022

How Much Does a Luxury Custom Home Addition Cost in Houston?

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Remodel,Renovation | January 27th, 2022

Adding on to your Houston home is an exciting proposition. Whether you need a mother-in-law suite, bedrooms for a growing family, or a larger […]

27 01, 2022

Top Challenges for Houston Architects in 2022

By Sam Seidel | Design,Original Article | January 27th, 2022

Just as every part of the design and construction process is interconnected, so is every challenge. Current issues in architecture involve […]

18 12, 2021

12 Best Residential Architects in Houston

By Sam Seidel | Original Article,Professional Builder | December 18th, 2021

If you are planning a custom home build, you can benefit from hiring one of the top architecture firms in Houston. With so many firms with their […]

20 11, 2021

Do I Need a Lot Before Finding a Builder in Houston, Texas?

By Sam Seidel | Construction | November 20th, 2021

When you are getting ready to build a custom home, you face a lot of questions. Is it better to buy the land before beginning the design […]

12 11, 2021

9 Energy Saving Tips Once You’ve Moved Into Your New Custom Home

By Drew Ondrey | Technology | November 12th, 2021

You’ve asked the right questions. You’ve built the home. Now it’s time to move in. As you do, make sure you do some energy-efficient things to […]

22 10, 2021

How Technological Innovation Is Transforming Custom Home Building

By Drew Ondrey | Technology,Renovation | October 22nd, 2021

Technology is helping homeowners customize their spaces to meet their specific needs. As you consider building or renovating a home, look for […]

20 10, 2021

Apply with the Historic Commission to Remodel Your Home in Houston

By Sam Seidel | Historic,Renovation | October 20th, 2021

If you own a home or vacant lot in a designated historic district in the city of Houston and want to build a home or make an addition or remodel […]