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How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Home in Houston?

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Home in Houston

Remodeling your home in Houston can breathe new life into your space, improve the flow of your layout, update your finishes, increase energy efficiency, and add more square footage to live comfortably. You deserve both an outcome and a process that's seamless and predictable, including a set timeline that's respected by your builder. Awaken a new sense of pride in your home, and get an idea of how long it would take!

What Factor Most Affects the Timeline for a Home Remodel in Houston?

If you're concerned with enduring a lengthy remodeling timeline, our best advice is to assemble your complete Houston remodeling team from the start of the project to circumvent the bidding stage, reduce design revisions, and avoid an inflated budget

How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Whole Home in Houston?

An average remodel duration for a whole home renovation is about 6 to 10 months.  Some of the variables that affect your timeline include the size of your home, if your home is listed as historic, the complexity and scope of your project, your home's existing conditions, and how prepared you are leading up to the design phase to expedite decision-making.

Keep in mind that remodeling your home is not a completely linear process. Several tasks, such as obtaining Houston construction permits, can overlap while others are being finalized. With that in mind, here is a general look at the stages involved in a complete home remodeling project and how long each one typically takes:

Discovery Phase 

Bringing together a team of professionals in the beginning allows for a more collaborative, efficient home remodeling process which not only saves time but allows for better overall budget control. For these reasons, your research for both your architect and builder should happen simultaneously. Here are the key areas that will comprise your research:

  • Read several reviews across different platforms, such as Houzz 
  • Preview their online portfolios to ensure their experience and style aligns with your goals
  • Verify that they perform services in your area and have the capacity to take on your project

During your initial consultation, you'll meet with representatives from each team member and discuss your vision and goals for the project and decide if they are a good fit. Alternatively, you could decide on either an experienced and knowledgeable architect or builder first, then ask for recommendations and hire the other half of your professional team shortly afterward. 

In-Home Assessment & Design 

After you've hired your team, you'll move to an in-home assessment where your team will tour your home, get a clearer understanding of your home's challenges and your design goals, and discuss possible solutions.

During the assessment, your team will ask a lot of questions about your goals and your vision. For this reason, preparing for the assessment should include taking inventory of the changes you'd like see with remodel prior to your meeting by making notes and a list of priorities. By thoroughly planning ahead of time, you can be sure you will communicate every need and goal from the start, reduce design revisions, and ensure your remodel will align with your vision.

Schematic Design

During the design phase, the architect will create a series of designs and plans for your remodel. Using what you've discussed so far, your architect will develop schematic drawings that layout out the new floor plan. Schematic drawings show the general idea of the remodel and do not include design details quite yet. You'll meet with your team to revise the drawing until it suits your needs, goals, and preliminary budget. 

Design Development

Next is the design development phase, where your design will begin to include further details. It's imperative that your builder be involved in these steps to ensure your design is structurally feasible and the design details are informed by accurate pricing. This phase includes a lot of final decision-making concerning the details of the home.  In this phase, you may also begin choosing colors, fixtures and finishes..

In preparing for the meeting by collecting specific design ideas, you can expedite this process and allow your architect to guide you with more specific choices that suit your design style. Follow-up meetings to revise your plan will commence, until your design aligns with your specific vision, your family's needs, and ideal finishes. 

Construction Drawings

Your architect and builder will now be able to properly place mechanical systems, such as electrical and plumbing systems. Your construction drawings will include every detail and measurement in order to apply for permits. For a historic Houston home, this will include filing for a Certificate of Appropriateness with the Houston Archaeological and Historic Commission. It's important to work with an architect and builder with experience remodeling historic homes to ensure your design won't require numerous revisions, which could drag this process out by months. A final price will be reached at this point and your contract will be finalized. 


During the final month of the design phase, you will finalize financing your remodel. This could take around 60 to 75 days from your initial review to closing. 

Preparing for Construction

Ideally, your team will use construction management software, which you will be allowed access to at this point. The software will enable you to have a direct line of communication, see daily job logs, view documented processes, and have your complete detailed schedule of your remodel at your fingertips. 

Construction Phase (6 to 10 months)

During this phase, your builder manages every aspect of the project, relying on contributions from their trade partners, subcontractors, and specialty vendors. These team members include electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, concrete contractors, framers, and HVAC specialists.

Thanks to the early collaboration between your builder and your architect, renovating your Houston home will operate more efficiently. Proactive communication during the construction phase continues to be critical for everyone to stay on the same page and having access to your client portal on the construction management software enables this with the utmost efficiency.

Once your home renovation is complete and the job site is cleaned up, your builder conducts a thorough walk-through with you to provide an orientation of your new home that covers all operation and maintenance items and to ensure the quality of the project meets your expectations. 

Remodeling Your Home in the Houston Area

Remodeling your home in the Houston area can be a well-planned sequence of phases that lead to the quality project you expect, but that depends significantly on acquiring the right team at the right time.

Southern Green Builders takes a unique approach to the home remodeling process, getting involved from the start of your project and providing guidance every step of the way. By collaborating with you and your architect and then sticking to the plans we collectively create, our team can deliver the quality of home renovation you deserve in a smooth, efficient process. Contact us for a consultation and let's plan your home remodel together. 

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