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Am I Going to Get a Schedule for My Custom Home Build?

SGB CoConstruct Custom Home Build Schedule Example

When it comes to building a luxury custom home, there are two top priorities: Sticking to a budget and finishing the project on time.

The completion of your new home build can impact other areas of your life—such as starting a new job, integrating your children into a new school district, or establishing residency in a particular community—so it’s normal to want a degree of certainty about the construction timeline.

Top custom home builders in the Houston area, such as Southern Green Builders, understand the importance of managing expectations and planning for the future. To help you in both ways, we provide you access to a real-time working schedule that is updated daily so you can track the progress of your project while it is underway.

What is a Construction Schedule?

Construction schedules help keep home building and remodeling projects on time and on budget by outlining each step of the process and the date by which it will be completed so the team can prepare to efficiently move on to next steps in the building process. When you have a well-planned construction project schedule, it minimizes downtime, mitigates delays, and moves the project forward in an organized, timely manner so you don't have to worry.

After you’ve contracted with Southern Green Builders to build your luxury custom home in the Houston area, we establish an individualized construction project timeline during the pre-construction phase. The schedule is developed with a focus on two critical components: how long each activity takes to complete, as well as the specific subcontractors who will be responsible for each task. This detailed schedule allows us to manage the procurement of materials and coordination of equipment and labor. When implemented the SGB Way, the schedule becomes a daily reference tool for your superintendent that guides the project forward toward completion and keeps everyone—including you, your superintendent and the trade partners—on the same page during the pre-construction and construction phases.

How Do I Access My Construction Schedule?

Southern Green Builders uses a construction management software called CoConstruct to give you access to not only the construction schedule for your home building project in the Houston area, but other useful features as well. CoConstruct is a robust, comprehensive and collaborative software program, which is why we choose to use it. In addition to acting as a schedule, specification/selection, and correspondence management system, CoConstruct streamlines scheduling, communication, file- and photo-sharing, and more. Some of the client features you have access to during your home building project include:


1. Your Construction Project Schedule

As discussed above, CoConstruct's scheduling feature allows your custom home builder to develop your project's schedule, assign tasks to various team members and trade partners, and communicate with those people to keep your job on track. Because it’s designed specifically for your construction management team and includes industry specific terms and tools, it still enables you to actively stay up to date with the project and plan for its completion.

SGB CoConstruct Custom Home Build Schedule Example


2. Your Job Log

Another helpful CoConstruct feature is the daily job log that tracks on-site progress. If Southern Green Builders makes changes to the construction timeline, they are reflected on both the construction project schedule and the job log. You also can view photos taken on-site during the day when construction is underway and see the progress unfold with your own eyes. After your new home is built, you will have a visual record of the project that you can look back on in future years.

Additionally, you receive weekly alerts, or project summary emails, that encompass updated job log entries and notes made throughout the week. This enables you to stay informed about the project’s progress remotely, whether you haven’t yet moved to the Houston area or you’re escaping the summer heat and humidity with an out-of-town vacation.

SGB CoConstruct Job Log Entry Example


3. Your Specs and Selections

When you’re planning and designing a luxury custom home, you must make numerous decisions about material specifications, fixtures and finishes, and install locations. When you log into the CoConstruct system, you see decisions that require your attention on the Specs and Selections page, which is full of details about the project. As you make your selections and confirm various details, they are recorded in this section of CoConstruct and referred to throughout the pre-construction and construction phases.

Everything is correlated by code, resembling what is included in the PDF of the bid proposal, for easy reading and reference. You can see what brand and model of each system, appliance, and fixture is being used, as well as the price, which means the final contract for your project accounts for every single item, from windows and doors to paint, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware. By tracking these small details, Southern Green Builders is able to keep change order costs to 1% - 2% of your project budget, as opposed to the industry average of 10%.

SGB CoConstruct Specs and Selections Entry Example 2


4. Centralized Messaging

CoConstruct software also includes a messaging feature that streamlines communication between you and Southern Green Builders. Rather than having to search through your email account for messages related to your custom home building project, you can find them all saved in one convenient location on CoConstruct. All team members can easily refer back to past communications if questions arise during the construction phase.


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Keeping Your Construction Project on Schedule

At Southern Green Builders, we understand the importance of building your luxury custom home on time, as well as keeping you consistently informed and involved along the way. Using CoConstruct, our team can easily communicate with you about scheduling, selections, specifications, and other topics that are crucial to providing you with a positive home building experience.

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By Sam Seidel | June 11th, 2020