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Revision Tracking: How Detailed Your Home Builder Needs to Be

Revision Tracking When Building A Home In Texas

Imagine visiting the job site where your new luxury custom home is being built and watching the project progress, but not quite in the way you imagined. Certain design and architectural elements that were left unspecified don’t fit with your original vision. Or maybe the progress has slowed because of unexpected complications that weren’t shared with you.

Meanwhile, the onus falls on you to track down your builder and address the problem. If you don’t have a detailed construction timeline and budget to refer back to, there is no recourse but to request a change order to get the project realigned with what you expected, and that often causes further delays and additional expenses. By the end of the project, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth, tired, over-spent, and unsure whether the final quality and craftsmanship of your luxury home in Houston will stand the test of time.

This horrible experience is not uncommon.  It actually occurs so often that prospective homeowners assume that overages, change orders and stress are a natural part of the home building experience.

It doesn't have to be that way. In fact the solution is quite simple, as the cause for most negative custom home building experiences can often be traced back to one avoidable issue: Lack of detail.

What Should I Look for in a Houston Home Builder? 

As you begin to construct the next chapter of your life by building a home in Texas, you want a qualified home builder by your side. There are several basic criteria to consider when searching for a home builder in Houston for your upcoming project. Beyond the typical relative experience and insurance requirements, being affiliated with various trade organizations—like the National Home Builders Association and Texas Association of Builders—is a good indicator that the company adheres to high industry standards. You should also consider what services they offer, and overall professional reputation.

Finally, you should select a custom home builder who pays attention to the details from start to finish. That means working closely with your architect to develop drawings that are precise; providing valuable construction expertise and insight to help you nail down selections and specifications; and developing a detailed budget estimate that is based not on guesses but hard numbers from high-quality subcontractors and vendors. Before heading into construction, you should know exactly what you’re paying for all items used in your home from framing to finishes and all services included (or excluded) in your project.

However, quality custom home builders don’t just pay attention to details but also track them so that everyone can stay on the same page. When there is missing information, it often leads to making assumptions or having to track down other team members for answers, both of which undermine the home building process and potentially the end product. You should have confidence that the vision you captured on paper is what will be constructed and for the detailed budget you established with your home builder. Even during construction, having access to all the planning, processes and selections related to your home, as well as revisions and updates, is important so that there are no unnecessary surprises.

Benefits of Being Detail-Oriented When Building

Details are what set your luxury home apart and ensure the structure functions seamlessly as a whole, not individual parts, to give you the safety, comfort and beauty you desire. Details enable your plans to be tailored to your specific lifestyle needs and personal priorities.

Starting with a well-defined scope of work and detailed plans and specifications is one of the best ways to control costs for your project and prevent excessive change orders during the construction phase. You can better achieve this goal by initiating collaboration between your architect and your home builder during the design phase of your project. During the plan design and development phase, your builder can contribute their unique industry knowledge and insight to help you make selections (both rough construction and finishes) that make sense in regards to your budget and lifestyle. The more confidence you have going into construction, the less likely you will be to request changes during the building phase of the project. After the construction schedule is set and materials are ordered, changing the scope of the project often causes delays, adds costs and begins to move the experience from fun and enjoyable to negative.

Additionally, nailing down as many details as possible and incorporating them into the construction drawings enables your home builder to develop a more accurate budget and keep price overages to a minimum. This is beneficial for both you and them, as it establishes an expectation that is mutually shared and agreed upon. With fewer surprises and uncertainties along the way, you can anticipate a more rewarding, stress-free home building experience.

Finally, attention to detail will impact the quality of your new home in Houston. You can rest assured that your home builder is not cutting corners, but implementing conscientious cost-saving measures that don’t undermine the structural integrity and safety of your house. They understand that every detail contributes to creating a structure that is functional and aesthetically pleasing and makes your investment worthwhile.

Selecting a Detail-Oriented Home Builder in Houston

Attention to detail and proactive communication are critical to mitigating many difficulties that are known to arise during the construction process. When your custom home builder prioritizes these behaviors, the result is shared expectations, decision-making confidence and less risk of your project clocking in over-budget. That’s the level of commitment and quality you can rely on from Southern Green Builders. Our goal is not only to build you a luxury home in Houston that is made to last but also to leave you feeling positive and empowered by the experience.


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