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12 Best Residential Architects in Houston

If you are planning a custom home build, you can benefit from hiring one of the top architecture firms in Houston. With so many firms with their own styles and specialties, you deserve to be confident that you’ve found the right one for you. We're happy to put our experience and expertise to work so that you sort through quality Houston area architects in your quest to design your dream home.

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2Scale Architects

Past clients of 2Scale Architects highlight friendly, individualized customer service that spans the length of their custom project and a keen and creative eye for detail. Their expertise spans from large new construction homes in prominent Houston neighborhoods to full-scale remodels outside of town. Consider hiring 2Scale for a feasibility study to begin your project with your expectations aligned with a feasible and realistic plan.

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Brett Zamore Designs

With creative architectural solutions and a commitment to sustainability, Brett Zamore Designs helps Houston property owners create unique and efficient spaces that feel at home in the Texas landscape. Their award-winning zKit and zFab products are fan-favorite customizable and sustainably-minded pre-made plans. 

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Brickmoon Design

Brickmoon Design specializes in a wide range of residential construction projects, ranging from new construction to remodels and additions. Brickmoon boasts a keen eye for detail and familiarity with a wide range of design preferences. Their company philosophy highlights comfort, creativity, collaboration, and sustainability.

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Creole Design

Creole Design marries antebellum architecture with modern convenience. Its mission includes the revival of classic Southern architectural tradition. Creole leverages its 30-plus years of experience in the Houston area into a stunning, luxurious design that wows for years to come. Available designs include ready-to-go plans, adaptations of existing options, and completely custom design.

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Cusimano Architects

Cusimano Architects pride themselves on their custom solutions for every dream and budget. Specializing in both remodels and new construction, their hands-on approach involves collaborative work with builders, contractors, and clients in order to ensure creative and unique results that meet everyone's needs and expectations. 

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Steve Shannon Design

This dynamic partnership of a residential design expert and an interior design guru make Steve Shannon Designs a go-to firm for clients interested in excellence and opulence in every precise detail of their Houston residential design project. Check out their podcast for fantastic ideas and nuggets of expertise!

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Sullivan Henry Oggero

Sullivan Henry Oggero makes custom residential design dreams come true for both everyday families and rock stars and athletes alike. Their over 60 years of experience translate to true expertise and professionalism at every step of the custom design journey. While their reach and design influence expand beyond the Houston area, they are proud to be a staple in the Houston architectural landscape.

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Wyrick Residential Design

Wyrick Residential Design is a Houston custom home design firm. They believe in capturing the dream of each client and are honored to be part of the journey with each client. Their client-focused approach delivers truly individualized dream results.

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Burkett Architecture

Burkett Architecture focuses on the luxury home market in the greater Houston area. Their attention to luxury designs and the details of each home set them apart. Burkett Architecture offers a wide range of services including complimentary initial consultation and feasibility planning, 3D visualization and rendering, architectural design, variance review and applications, engineering coordination, sealed and permit-ready plans, building specifications, and consulting.

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Charles Todd Helton Architects

Charles Todd Helton Architects has award-winning offices in Houston and throughout Texas. Their design process focuses on client and project needs, allowing the design to emerge based on the space. Services include feasibility studies, site selection, programming, master planning, design, construction documentation, bidding and negotiation, construction administration, and code review.

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D.R. Design Group

The D.R. Design Group provides architectural design services in the Houston region. They design everything from mixed-use properties to schools and retail spaces and also focus on homes and multifamily residential properties. They strive to find innovative solutions for their customers based on their unique tastes and needs.

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Hill Swift Architect

Hill Swift Architect designs luxury custom homes and renovations in the Houston area. They also work with schools and churches to design usable and beautiful spaces. The firm’s goal is to lift and inspire the human spirit through design, craft, and architecture.

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Choose the Best Residential Architect in Houston

As you consider your options, take the time to interview a few different architects. Ask the right questions to find out if they are the right provider for you. Consider if you want a stand-alone architect or a design-and-build firm that can handle your custom build as well as the design process. If you choose to work with an architect first, determine whether they will collaborate with the builder, as that can be critical to the success of your project.

Whether you are remodeling or designing a new construction home, the process requires a lot of time, energy, and attention. This is often a once-in-a-lifetime investment. You deserve to be fully confident that the design team you choose can deliver the results you are dreaming of.

We would be honored for you to consider Southern Green Builders for your custom home or remodel project. We are confident that the projects in our portfolio highlight the skills of our design team. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure the final design is exactly what they need and want and then use our construction expertise to execute the plan we made together. Reach out today to talk to our architectural team.

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