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11 02, 2023

How Long Does a Historic Home Addition Take in Houston?

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Historic | February 11th, 2023

Certain properties in Houston are protected by ordinances governed by the Houston Archaeological and Historic Commission (HACH) to help preserve […]

09 01, 2023

How to Build a Budget for Your Custom Home Build in Houston

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Design | January 9th, 2023

You’ve looked around the Houston housing market and simply cannot find a home that fulfills your and your family’s must-haves. Buying a home […]

06 12, 2022

Do I Need a Lot Before Finding a Builder in Houston, Texas?

By Sam Seidel | Construction | December 6th, 2022

When you’re getting ready to build a custom home in Texas, you face a lot of questions. Is it better to buy the land before beginning the design […]

14 10, 2022

The Value of Transparency in the Pre-Construction Process

By Sam Seidel | Construction | October 14th, 2022

It’s a common tale. You set out to build a custom home in Houston and you follow the 'standard' procedure for doing so: develop plans with an […]

12 10, 2022

How Your Lot May Affect the Price of Your Custom Home

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Renovation | October 12th, 2022

Purchasing your lot to build a custom home might seem fairly straightforward, but there are several variables that go into how your land will […]

27 01, 2022

How Much Does a Luxury Custom Home Addition Cost in Houston?

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Remodel,Renovation | January 27th, 2022

Adding on to your Houston home is an exciting proposition. Whether you need a mother-in-law suite, bedrooms for a growing family, or a larger […]

13 05, 2021

Controlling Project Costs During the Design Phase

By Sam Seidel | Construction,Design,Original Article | May 13th, 2021

It’s a well-known stereotype in the home building industry that any new construction project will inevitably cost more than you expect. Most […]

26 02, 2018

2018 Residential Award Finalist- Houston Heights Association

By admin | Construction,Historic,Design,Remodel | February 26th, 2018

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16 10, 2017

Full Video: ZIP System

By admin | Construction,Technology | October 16th, 2017

05 10, 2017

Build Back, Part 2: Mold

By admin | Construction,Flooding,Mold,flood,Remodel | October 5th, 2017

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